Lap Desk ? Ergonomic Pillow for your Laptop

Lap Desk – Ergonomic Pillow for your Laptop

What is a Lap Desk?  Why do I need one? I will try to answer these questions in this article.

A Lap Desk is indeed as it sounds, a desk for your lap. The Lap Desk is mainly used for working with your laptop on your lap but can also be used for writing, reading, drawing and many other activities that require a flat surface to work on.
The concept exists for years way before the age of the laptop computer, in the past , it was mainly used for disabled individuals to be able to read , write and eat using a table on their lap.

In today’s age where mobility is the key, laptops exists in almost every home, since notebook prices are decreasing every day, it is almost cheaper to buy a laptop computer rather than the old fashioned desktop.
Laptops were given their names because they were originally designed to work with on ones lap. The fact is most of today’s laptop are rather heavy, tend to overheat and might be spreading radiation to some extent.

This is where the Lapdesk comes in.
The Lapdesk has numerous advantages:

Raising the Laptop computer and therefore releasing strain from the neck and back. Isolating the Lap from the heat generated from the Laptop. Leaning the laptop at an angle easier for viewing and typing. Cushioning the bottom surface to make using your laptop more comfortable. Allowing the use of an external mouse while using your computer on your lap.

There are quite a bit of Lap Desk types, some are firm and some soft, some wider than others and some compact enough that they can fit right into your laptop back.

So how would one choose?

The answer is very simple, it can be said that the bigger the Lapdesk will be , the more comfortable it will be to work on.  But you must remember that when buying a large Lap Desk you will lose the mobile advantage of carrying it around with you.
If you intend to use your laptop mostly on the road, you might be better off choosing a more compact Lap Desk.

Most Lapdesks range from 30$ to 120$ , they can easily be bought online and shipped all over the world.

Enjoy your Laptop and beware, the Lap Desk can make you addicted to working at home.

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