My Lenovo x200 Notebook
Notebook Battery

Image by khym54
This is the x200 without the base. It is 3.8 lbs with the 9 cell battery. Battery life is about 7 hours with WIFI on, and about 8 hours with WIFI off. I’ve had this computer for about a month and I really like it. Comes with a 160 gb hard drive, 3 gb of ram, a 12.1 wxga screen, 3 USB ports, a multi-media card reader, etc. PLUS, I got a smoking deal on it — about US0 off the normal price for the machine (I found a semi-secret 2 day sale Lenovo had a while back).

Battery f**ked
Notebook Battery

Image by Stuart Frisby
After 18 months and only 103 load cycles (fairly typical, no?) My battery capacity is down to only 41%, meaning that I’m not even getting 2hrs from a full charge.

My MBP is out of applecare, and I’m not covered by any of the battery replacement programes, but I think I rightly feel a little pissed off that my £1700 laptop has considerably less battery life than even the most basic of consumer notebooks do.

Will apple replace it if I complain hard enough? I’d really rather not spend £100 on another battery!

MacBook Pro 17 Battery
Notebook Battery

Image by Shadi Hijazi
This is how my battery suddenly came to be. Scary!!! And worse, currently in Syria and there is no Apple Store here!!
For those travelling around the world, AVOID APPLE, stick to Toshiba or Asus EEE!

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