Review of the new Samsung X125 notebook with AMD Athlon II Neo K125 Samsung took a chance with the AMD processor and AMD is not that good in battery life and reducing heat of the CPU. The K125 from AMD showed similar results to de Intel Celeron SU3500. Yet the graphics was more powerful than the Intel GMA. Personally I would have loved this notebook if they had put a dualcore SU2300 in it or even a D525 and a 6-cell battery. Samsung does have X180 with the i3-330UM processor and the X170 with the SU7300. Bother are dualcore, much more powerful, no heat problem and a 6+ hours of battery life. Yet for some reason Samsung choose not the release those in Europe and the US. Overall the Samsung X125 can be a great notebook if you don’t mind the battery life and want a stylish notebook. For more information visit

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