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Compaq Presario 900 Notebook Battery Pack Prevention Guidence To Laptop Users

Whenever customers are acquiring Notebook Battery pack the vendors can say to them how many hours the Notebook power pack can last, there are more causes that are contribute to the damage of the Notebook power pack. Many of the notebook users don’t have idea of the technical stuff involved on having the maximum life out of their Compaq Presario 900 Notebook battery. Like all other notebook batteries; you have to provide great care while they are unused. Do not place the Notebook Battery pack near chemicals and in a wet place as this will shorten your laptop battery life.

Other simplex method to raising the Li-ion notebook battery lifespan by defragmenting disc and remove unwanted files. By using this straight forward technique will enable yours notebook to boot up so faster, which utilizes less energy. Modify your notebook power settings so that it may use small quantity of Power required to get your notebook functioning. Too much bright display demand much more battery power. Adjust brightness when running the laptop on battery.

Shut entire insignificant applications if your notebook depending over Compaq Presario 900 Li-ion rechargeable battery as major power source. Do not perform anti-virus scan when yours laptop based on Li-ion battery, because the scan especially increases processor & hard drive utilization when running on Notebook battery. Make an effort to stay away from connecting by the internet application unless it’s really necessary, if we are relying on yours Compaq Presario 900 Notebook Battery pack as the main power supply. Run anti virus scan when you are connected to primary power resource. Do not perform virus scan when you are running on Li-ion notebook battery. It can reserve Li-ion battery power.


When ever it’s possible try to decrease the utilisation of USB Attachments such as DVD or CD drivers or players, lead to draw the extra energy to control. Unplug these optical devices and USB tools have the highest precedence to emptying the battery energy. Detach all extra devices such as an optical mouse, fire wire, PC Cards, Wi-Fi tool box, Outer speakers, pen drives Blue tooth and even the connected iPod.

Both Hibernate and Suspend techniques are in favor of saving the Power of the Notebook Battery pack but, normally laptops takes much Li-ion Battery power in the STAND BY mode. We do not know those causes although “instant-on” obtain around 60 second’s more period of time to go away from Hibernation mode. This minimum quantity of period represents the significant impact on entire Li-ion rechargeable battery lifespan. In the hibernate mode sign in & sign out are very suitable & powerful than a usual start & shutdown process. While in hibernate method the shutdown activity grants a possibility to suspend current activity instantly with power-off and in start up method this will preserve with in a short period absolutely, Hence the method saves power. But suspend mode trim down the power use of your laptop by not providing the power to the hardware components that you are not using. Therefore by using hibernate method we can save the Notebook Power pack power. We can put the shortcut for hibernate as an alternative of manual activity (once completing the manual task in Control panel then use the created shortcut by Pushing “Win key” pursue by U pursue by H). If you have a bit of urgent work at outer for long time, in that state use the hibernate mode as a replacement to suspend mode.

Every Notebook user desire to make a Compaq Presario 900 notebook battery end as long as feasible. However any Notebook power pack has the Limited life period. So if we can follow the above beneficent laptop battery tips given by that can work to preserve Li-ion notebook battery existence., Since ’01 serving US and Foreign buyers. We are the Top Sellers of Best Property Laptops, Batteries, AC Adapters, Peripherals. We support products of almost all outstanding brands like Dell, Lenovo, IBM, Apple, Compaq, HP, Sony, Toshiba, Acer and more.

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