Notebook Battery

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- Every Day Carry – the things that are always with me.

the first (and perhaps only) change will be to upgrade to some load-bearing carabiners.

clockwise from top left:

- Victorinox Swiss Army Cybertool 34
Smaller than a traditional multitool, with all the traditional bells & whistles of a Swiss Army Knife. Screwdriver w/ 8 bits, everything from standard slot-head & philips to Torx; mini-pliers, a straight pin, a pen, etc. i use this more often than any other tool i own. and it’s apparently the only knife i own that i’m legally allowed to carry in the City.

- Used Rubber wallet
made from discarded industrial-strength inner tubes. after 15 years of daily use it still looks brand new.

- Keys, Flash Drives
(4GB SanDisk Cruzer Micro = bootable Ubuntu Linux, 8GB LaCie ItsaKey = IT Toolkit)

- Panasonic Lumix TS1
waterproof, shockproof, wide angle, HD video, perfect for all occasions.

- Moleskine Volant notebook
smaller than the standard Moleskine, with perforated pages. great for taking notes or distributing ad hoc business cards.

- CountyComm Embassy Pen
a solid tube of aluminum, hollowed out to fit a Fisher Space Pen cartridge. knurling on the body and grip of the pen, screwtop with a springy yet sturdy clip. best.pen.ever. until i buy the stainless steel version ;)

- Casio G-Shock Cockpit Series
best timepiece i’ve ever owned. analog and digital, dual timezones, 4 alarms, stopwatch, timer. waterproof and shockproof. ion-plated stainless steel. or so they say.

- 4Sevens Quark AA² Tactical flashlight, R5 Edition
runs on AA batteries, waterproof, anodized aluminum, goes from .2(!) lumens to 205(!!!) lumens with a quarter-twist of the head. programmable, with 5 other output modes to choose from. perfect for anything.

- Blackberry 9650
an upgrade from my last BB (8330), and an improvement in all areas. more RAM, optical trackpad, WiFi, better camera, OS6 compatible. if they ever release it. plus it’s one of the only Sprint phones that can work w/ GSM, so if & when i travel abroad i can unlock the phone & pop in a SIM card.

- 1900 Morgan Dollar
i’ve always carried a coin. first it was a steel penny, then a silver quarter, then a silver half-dollar, and now i’ve got this.

My 2011 Moleskine Journal Has Finally Arrived
Notebook Battery

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