“Unfortunately, you’ve stripped its original patina…”
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Years of attending the Flea have left me with two things: a full storage unit and a good mental database of what things are worth. is a little high for a Model 100 in clean and working condition, complete with manual and accessories. It’s not unreasonable, though.

It’s tricky. I think most of the people who’d buy this would rather have an incomplete specimen for . It’s generally not hard to find them for even less than that.

The 100 is a true classic. It’s a rare example of perfect execution: they didn’t skimp on the keyboard and made necessary sacrifices elsewhere to ensure that the Model 100 would be damned-near unbreakable and would run forever on a set of batteries. It was a ubiquitous engine of journalism and field writing.

My iPad serves the same role today as the Model 100 served for writers twenty years ago. When I turn it sideways and use the virtual keyboard, it even looks and works much like a Model 100.

Photos and notes – Day 079
Notebook Battery

Image by JF Sebastian
- Day 079 of 365 -
«This is my LowePro bag for the photographic equipment… but not only for lenses, flash, batteries, cards…»

Preview of my desk
Notebook Battery

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