Everything Unpacked
Notebook Battery

Image by mrbill
What it all looks like unpacked.

Not shown: SAS Survival Handbook, Pocket Ref, "peanut" lighter, Space Pen
Not shown, occasionally carried: Garmin eTrex GPS w/spare batteries

July 2008: I’m testing out a Maxpedition Fatboy and Fatboy Jumbo Versipacks to replace the CountyComm bag. The CC BOB is nice, but not comfortable to carry for very long.

October 2008: Current EDC bag is a Maxpedition Typhoon Gearslinger.

My Bag of Toys 2
Notebook Battery

Image by Nicholaus Haskins
*added to explore 2.2.08*

Lowepro AW Trekker II

Holds everything including my 17" notebook.

This photo is an update to the gear that I now have. The first photo can still be found here.

365:85 Laziest 365 yet
Notebook Battery

Image by Sonia Kiss
Jessica’s Mac Mini here. My feet, of course. I was bummed out because I had foolishly locked myself out of my office for the weekend. Camera recharger was in the office and the battery was nearly empty. No camera, no work computer. I was bored. Could have gone to Tiffany Club but I didn’t think of it.

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