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Laptop battery problem really lead to Laptop prices

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Laptop battery problem really lead to Laptop prices – Computers – Hardware

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Maybe this year will be the laptop battery “recall year” to open the major IT sites, laptop battery has become one of the most popular topics. Because of, including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Apple, Fujitsu, one after another, including the brand recall of laptop batteries, some doubts have also followed the emergence of mechanical and electrical integration thesis, in which pairs of consumers, funny articles, the most lethal is whether the price of laptop laptop battery recall due to problems higher in Europe. Although the current situation is not optimistic about the major brands of laptop battery recall cumulative total has been close to 800 million mark is expected to be more than 10 million, which will certainly result in laptop battery a “tense” phenomenon. However, I feel great need not necessarily be unfounded, after all, is just a temporary shortage of laptop batteries, not to mention the problems arising out of stock, and there is no less serious than imagined. Recall the long process of laptop battery manufacturers effectively slow down the pressure of Although the present need to recall 7.7 million laptop batteries, but 7.7 million laptop batteries are not asking for change at the same time together on the End: First of all, the major brand recall after prior periods. Such was first Dell and Apple, respectively, in the August recall of 4.2 million and 1.8 million laptop batteries, laptop battery recall and the recently released information on the Sharp. Because of the response back at different times, making it a 7.7 million laptop batteries to be carried out in batches. Second, the users are familiar with the process of recalling all know, the laptop battery recall process normally requires a month’s time. Users typically first make an application vendors a month or even longer period of time, will send a new laptop battery users, or door replacement. such as Dell laptop battery replacement time, the need 20-75 working days, the actual need for a month or even almost nearly 4 months to complete. stand in Sony’s position is concerned, of course, hope that the time delay was longer good, this way, can effectively reduce the supply to alleviate a shortage of laptop batteries. Finally, the user applied for a replacement laptop battery is mixed. In particular, such as Dell and Apple laptop battery recall involving large manufacturers, due to too many users, while manufacturers can not simultaneously receive all of the other hand, users themselves can not be At the same time apply for replacement laptop batteries, there is always a time lag. In view of the above three considerations, this laptop battery recall may be dragged by the end of, or even early next year. As previously mentioned, the longer the delay, the Sony pluses and no minuses. In fact, the entire laptop battery industry also has a positive impact – can greatly alleviate the shortage of laptop batteries phenomenon. From this perspective, although a large number of 7.7 million, but the specific to 5 months (August ~ December), monthly average may be only 1.54 million need to recall laptop batteries, after chord sara, the figure is only a month Sony laptop battery production 17%. According to the latest statistics show that in the third quarter, Sanyo laptop battery production is 42 million, Sony’s production of 27 million, Samsung SDI output of 26 million. Big Three laptop battery production totaled 9500 10000, China’s military weapons, pictures, even assuming that the need to recall 7.7 million laptop batteries all in the third quarter to complete the replacement, close combat Collected Works 3, the replacement laptop battery volume accounts for only about 8% of total output, even if it would be the other has not recall all the laptop battery replacement, accounting for some of the ratio is only 10.8%. There is no doubt that these data show that the laptop battery recall laptop battery supply is indeed to bring some influence, but falls far short of “lethal “stage.The price of laptop battery can be up in the end how much? Laptop laptop battery is currently out of stock due to the impact of prices have risen about 15%. And according to industry sources, prices will continue the momentum into the fourth quarter of Guizhou Province, chairman of the CPPCC, which verified the number I guess in front of — – laptop battery recall is likely to continue until the end of the year. As a result, in the fourth quarter, laptop battery industry is still facing shortages. According to Cheng Uei Precision Industry, Inc. (a laptop battery manufacturer, its customers include Dell, Sony, and HP, etc.) sales manager to say: This year the fourth quarter, laptop batteries used in laptop prices will rise 10%. Since the current retail price of laptop battery has not increased, the basic maintenance of no price increases before the price system. While the prices of the above information on laptop batteries, let’s not difficult to reach a conclusion: in the fourth quarter, laptop batteries retail price will rise 25%. Well, this 25% of the consumers, online TV shows I’m the boss, how much money we need to do more?

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The battery have a good compatibility with many original laptop batteries for many laptops, even diffenent brands.

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The battery have a good compatibility with many original laptop batteries for many laptops, even diffenent brands.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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