Notebook battery charge times

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Notebook battery charge times – Technology – Electronics

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Notebook battery charge times

Notebook battery aging is by laptop battery charge times to decide, then how calculative laptop battery charge number? If I keep battery in a notebook, with the occasional battery (if use a 15% such, then plug adapter to notebook batteries, this is not a battery again? Still say the battery every complete one time charge need a certain formula computed, not so: as long as we imagine to battery charger for electricity, even if point to, also calculate one time charge. Below are online generally thought calculation modes:

Battery full charge quantity number:

Basically is in accordance with the battery power into to calculate battery charge times and the degree of ageing, counting the method is as follows:

Generally speaking, when the battery charge starting power is greater than the current full power of 70% (this value different companies have different regulation, generally not by much) when the battery power input current accumulated more than 70% of the full charge of quantity, regard as charge once. For example your battery of this limit value is 70%; Every time you are the battery in 80% of time the charging, then your battery can be read out the number per additional charge, the actual number is four times.

Hypothesis full power for: 3800 mah

Start charging more than 70% of the full amount of power: 38 * 70% = 2660 mah (every time in 80% of the time the charging)

Accumulative total input power: : 3800 * * 4 = 20% 3040mah (3,800 * * 3 = 20% 2280mah)

The actual number of charging for less than 3 2660, so said, “every time in 80% of time the charging, need actual charge opportunity to reach four times is finished once the accumulative total”

Below the starting power of the battery, accumulative total input power = full power – the current power, as charge once.

If you are in the power for 60% of the time the charging, 3800mah – 3800mah * 60% = 1520mah, when the input power reached when deemed 1520mah charge once

The above is not very accurate calculation (because every time could be accurate to 60% only when filling, nor all the time from 60% full of the reoccupy after, perhaps filling to 95% began using), everybody casual about can, need not delve into!

The current full power: because the battery aging, so the battery internal a aging algorithm, will automatically according to the battery usage of automatic updates the current full charge the battery energy, in case the overcharge cause unsafe factors. This algorithm, depending on the battery batches, company, manufacturers different and different. Some battery simply used security chip venders set the default algorithm

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