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another theme

firstly EDC = Every Day Carry

I’ve got a secret obsession with these EDC groups. I have always wanted to do one, but as you can see my EDC is not really survivalist enough for the EDC groups of flickr! Its a hybrid of pocket / bag & wearing EDC stuff.

Starting top left a holder for my favourite pen & pencil holder sat on top of my pencil case, my works VPN keyfob it lets me get onto work network via any standard internet connection. ipod sat on top of headphone amp sat on top of a notebook, the notebook is heavy ass paper and the back has fold out pouches that are perfect for keeping things (like receipts in) with a solomon bar knot down the spine. my galaxy s2 mobile phone (i don’t love it like i did my old desire, but it’ll grow on me over the next year or so)

3 dimensionally moving back up is my mini card holding wallet, it only holds a few cards, an ID badge and has a couple of sneaky pockets for paper money. next to that its my old ass works phone that just won’t die! its been dropped, stood on, dropped in puddles, frozen and still it lives on. next to that its hand cleaner foam, not because im overly paranoid about getting flu just because lots of people don’t wash their hands when they’ve been to the loo (dirty gits).

Old faithful clipper lighter, never leave home without it one. wedding ring im not a ring kinda person and i do like strange things, so its a tungsten carbide steel one! swiss army knife, nice short sharp non locking blade, here in the UK its naughty to carry anything else. moving up to the tick tock its a nite MX20, nice rubbery strap, nice clicky bezel & its a great time keeper.

teeny tiny double ended screwdriver with double ended bits in each end, you never know when you’re gonna need a screwie. LED torch, runs from a 14500, AA or CR123 battery its bright as you like and is a cheapo DX copy! menthol nose sniffer thing, i don’t have a cold but they’re brill (i promise, try one!) this one is a cheapo one from home & bargain 79p for 2, the vics ones are 1.99 for 1.

its all sat on top of my works laptop which is with me pretty much everywhere i go. its in its own bag with a plug, several USB cables, phone chargers, A4 pads and more junk that wouldn’t fit in the picture!

maybe if you’re lucky i’ll do a mooching bag dump one day this year, that’ll have much more of a survivalist theme to it, so i might even put that into a real EDC group!

what’s in your bag(s)?
Notebook Battery

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Inspired by SingASong and others. This is what I’m currently taking to work. Note: three types of writing books (notebook and two sketchbooks). Cat not included, though she is welcome to come along if she wants to.

My Mobile Social Media Backpack
Notebook Battery

Image by Robert Scales
My mobile social media toolkit:

Camera Bodies:
Canon 7D Digital Camera
Canon 30D Digital Camera
Canon G9 Camera
Canon Elan 35mm Camera
Diana F+ 120 Film Camera
Flip Nino HD Video Camera

Canon 50mm Lens f1.4 USM
Canon 17-40mm Lens L Series f4
Canon 24-70mm Lens L Series f2.8
Canon 70-200mm Lens Image Stabilizer L Series f2.8

Lighting and Flash:
Canon Speedlight 580EX flash w/ hood
Litepanels Micro Light
Foldable Reflector
Manfoto Flash Braket w/cables

Manfoto Monopod
Manfoto Tripod


Various things:
IOC, VANOC and Media Rules and Regulations
Venue Guide
Transit pass and map
BCMC / TNMH and other Media badges, IDs and business cards
Power kit: Batteries, chargers,
Memory cards: (1 x 16GB, 4 x 8GB, 2 X 4GB, 3 x 2GB Type 2 cards. 3 x 8 GB SD cards)
Remote control for Canon 7D
Cleaning kit: Lens cleaning cloth, spare caps..
Day kit: toothbrush, tooth paste, hand cleaner, earplugs, etc..
Film: 4 x 35mm film, 4 x 120 film
Notebook, pen, markers

Communication, Computer and External Memory Storage
iPhone 3G S 32GB w/ Jawbone and headset
Apple Macbook Pro
WD 500GB Pocket Drive

Total weight is about 28lbs without the monopod and tripod…

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