Universal Notebook Battery

Universal Notebook Battery is available in two models: the 65Wh ($ 149.99 direct), which supplies up to 6 hours of power, and the 80Wh ($ 199.99 direct), which maxes out at eight. A bit safer than their Lithium-ion ancestors, these Lithium-polymer batteries weigh in at two pounds and feature extras like multiple output voltages and LEDs that show you how much juice you’ve got left. Like Battery-Biz, APC also offers its own online tool to help users determine which battery pack will meet their needs.

battery company Director of its consumer network division, Ron Catanzaro, couldn’t guarantee that its battery packs wouldn’t contain Sony cells. But so-called “Japanese” cells (made by Japanese companies like Sanyo, Sony, and others) have typically been considered the most reliable, which is why companies like Dell and APC do their shopping there.

battery company also sells nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries such as dell Latitude D800 batterydell 8N544 battery and dell Inspiron E1505 battery , which are typically designed for older laptops, and not the Dell models that were affected.

Valence Technology N-Charge Power System I

This universal, portable power source ($ 199 or $ 299 direct) is compatible with just about any laptop on the market—including almost all of the Dell models affected by the recall—and offers up to 10 hours of plug-free power.

And unlike Lithium-ion-based power sources, the N-Charge isn’t pyrotechnic prone, thanks to Valence’s Saphion technology, which relies on a stable, phosphate-based cathode material that won’t burn.

M-Fuel’s Notebook Power Bank

M-Fuel’s claim to fame is a tiny chip the company designed that resides within its lithium-ion cells—purchased from Panasonic, not Sony. The chip identifies the power being drawn by the device being charged—whether it be a cellular phone, PDA, or laptop—and controls the voltage and other charging parameters accordingly.

M-Fuel’s site includes a direct link to online retailer BuyShipDirect, where customers can buy the Notebook Power Bank for $ 299.99 direct. The external battery pack provides up to ten additional hours of additional battery life. Not only does the battery pack include a set of universal plug connectors for charging the unit, but the box includes a set of power “tips”, providing the right connection for your laptop.

One question that occurred to us was whether these external batteries would be confiscated in the constantly evolving world of terrorism and anti-terrorist measures. The good news is that, to date, company executives report that they haven’t had any problems. The bad news is that there’s no guarantee that that will remain the case. As of press time, laptops and portable electronic devices are allowed by both the American and British transportation departments, and we assume that means laptop batteries are as well.

“I’ve been flying around the country, domestically and even internationally, with a suitcase full of these things,” said Sasha Barausky, a product manager with M-Fuel. “Some are sales samples, some are for retailers, some are out of the package, in the package—I’ve never ever been stopped. There’s been no issue with planes.”

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