my desk: cleaned
Notebook Battery

Image by *w*
After 3 days of cleaning… compare with the original here:

Notebook Battery

Image by Karl Gunnarsson
I had planned to go out today and see if a project I was interested in would work out. Instead I spent two and a half hours, and too much money, on busses. So, when I came home I decided to document what I had futilely carried around.

So, that’s the kind of gear I carry when I want to cover "all" and I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. It also shows the Lowepro Versapack off rather nicely.

Missing from the photo is the spare 2GB SD card. It’s in the dedicated pocket in the bag and I keep forgetting it there if I don’t need it.

A life less ordinary.
Notebook Battery

Image by Mark Sabeano
You don’t realise how many recharable batteries and USB leads I took for stealing battery off the notebook. And still my camera ran out. All because I didn’t bring it’s specific USB lead. In the future, when I’m…(clearly needing to improve my carbon footprint)

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