What’s in my bag: 1.7.08
Notebook Battery

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What’s In My Bag
Notebook Battery

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This is it. Always the same stuff, but I kind of need all of it at some point during the week :-) )

MacBook dud
Notebook Battery

Image by Coneee
Anyone who knows me knows I’ve had nothing but hell with Apple notebooks.

Well, after a MacBook that had literally a dozen major issues with it (it was repaired/replaced 4 times, not counting the faulty power supply and battery) they gave me a new MacBook Pro.

Turns out this "new" MacBook Pro will only last 1hr30min on battery life (that’s with brightness on minimum and everything off, while idling). In complete idle state, the laptop is at 86 degrees C (186 F!), so I’m guessing it’s suffering from the ol’ MacBook heatsink problem where it’s got waaay too much heat sink fluid between the CPU and the heat sink.

Averages are 3-4 hours battery life in other reviews, and temperatures of around 50 degrees C in idle. I’m looking at 1/4 that battery life, and nearly double that temperature.



I’m phoning up the representative that offered me the new machine tomorrow – I want a complete refund.

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