Click on this link to go directly to the product page: Compatible with these battery part numbers: 3ICR19/66-2 934T2078F AS10D AS10D31 AS10D3E AS10D41 AS10D51 AS10D61 AS10D71 AS10D75 BT.00603.111 BT.00604.049 BT.00606.008 BT.00607.125 BT.00607.127 LC.BTP00.123 LC.BTP00.127 Compatible with these laptop model numbers: NV49C, NV53A, NV59C, NV59C05u, NV53A46U, NV53A46u, NV73A03u, NV73A03u, NV53A, NV53A05u, NV53A11u, NV53A24u, NV53A32u, NV53A33u, NV53A36u, NV53A52u, NV59C, NV59C05u, NV59C09u, NV59C11u, NV59C26u, NV59C27u, NV59C28u, NV59C31u, NV59C32u, NV59C33u, NV59C34u, NV59C35u, NV59C40u, NV59C41u, NV59C42u, NV59C43u, NV59C44u, NV59C46u, NV59C47u, NV59C48u, NV59C49u, NV59C50u, NV59C56u, NV59C57u, NV73A, NV73A08u, NV73A09u, NV73A10u, NV73A12u, NV73A17u, NV50A02U, NV50A, NV51B, NV51B05U, NV51B08U, NV55C, NV55C03u, NV55C11u, NV55C15u, NV55C17u, NV55C19u, NV55C22u, NV55C24u, NV55C25u, NV55C26u, NV55C28u, NV55C29u, NV55C30u, NV55C31u, NV55C32u, NV55C33u, NV55C34u, NV55C35u, NV55C38u, NV55C39u, NV55C44u
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