Laptop Battery Care Tips

The latest desktop computers are powerful enough for home users to conduct a variety of operations all at the same time without causing any noticeable slowdowns. But when it comes to portability, you can leave it to the laptops as laptops have drastically improved throughout the years to be just as powerful as their desktop counterparts. Miniaturization technologies allow powerful components to be downsized while retaining the power that continues to make them reliable for different tasks. However, they require more care as abuse can cause damage to the battery rending the laptop powerless.

What are laptop batteries

Laptop batteries are the laptop’s main power source as soon as they are unplugged. Each battery has a specific voltage where higher volts mean longer battery life.

These batteries may also be charged so they can be used next time traveling is needed. The average length of the battery is around 2-3 hour and can be even more depending on the hardware specifications and operating system running.

Why you should care for your laptop battery

Laptop batteries should be treated with care the same way other rechargeable batteries are treated as their overall lifespan decreases after every full charge cycle. Even if you don’t plan to travel often with your laptop, you should still take care of the battery as the adapter provides power to the battery and any damage to that battery can lead to other problems with nearby laptop components. Buying a spare battery can be quite expensive and might take long to get because most likely you’ll order to get one as most batteries cannot be found in stores.

Tips on caring for laptop battery

Calibration is key to caring for your laptop battery. If you are fond of traveling with your laptop and frequently using it on battery, be sure to use it while plugged in whenever you can as well. Then every week or month, drain the battery by any means and then charge it for a few hours so it is full again. Some laptops may have special calibration tools that may make the process easier so check the instruction manual and make use of those.

Try not to charge the battery while it isn’t fully drained either. Although it won’t affect the battery very much, getting used to the habit may lead to you replacing your battery even sooner.

Where to buy a replacement or get one repaired

In most cases, batteries cannot be repaired leaving you with the sole choice to find a replacement by visiting the website of your laptop manufacturer. Search for the model of your laptop rather than figuring out your battery as getting the wrong one can lead to unpredictable results. You might be able to find some batteries from other online areas, but getting from the original manufacturer is the safest choice.

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