Laptop battery usage misunderstanding

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Laptop battery usage misunderstanding – Computers – Hardware

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The activation of a new battery

A rumor: new Dell latitude d505 battery charge and discharge cycles should be a way to activate battery performance.

Truth: This argument is not exactly a rumor. Battery from the factory to the hands of users there is a time lag as short as one month to six months. For longer battery time difference, the electrode materials will be passive, so manufacturers recommend the initial use of the battery is best for 3 to 5 times fully charge and discharge processes in order to eliminate electrode materials passivation, to reach maximum capacity. But usually do not pay attention to remind consumers to manufacturers mentioned here should not be the complete charge and discharge depth of discharge, but should be controlled at 5% to 8% either. Otherwise, a new battery is likely to be scrapped.

“The first three” charge

Second rumor: When buy a new Dell studio 1735 Battery , the best three times charge and discharge cycles, charging time should not exceed 12 hours in order to activate the battery maximum effectiveness.

Truth: Ni-MH battery in order to achieve the perfect saturation, need to go through “complementary” and “trickle” process, this time is generally about 5 hours. At present, lithium-ion batteries “constant”, “constant” charge characteristics is to control the depth charge time 4 hours. Once filled, the internal battery will automatically stop charging protection circuit, so this is not scientific nor practical significance.

Some people have been tested using a mobile phone. Charger with a travel charger in the battery is fully charged, switch to the battery cradle charger to confirm the degree of saturation. When he discovered still on the battery charger cradle to charge, they think that the battery has not yet reached saturation. In fact, this lack of rigorous testing methods. The reason is that the indicator does not detect the cradle charger, saturated or not really the only standard reference voltage charger cradle the phone does not necessarily mean the reference voltage, so when the phone is that the battery reached, cradle charger may not think so, still charging, but is filling in, the only of its own know.


Rumor three: as long as rechargeable IBM thinkpad r51 battery used properly, it will cycle within a certain period there best to achieve maximum capacity.

Such as early nickel hydride and nickel cadmium batteries, if used properly, regular maintenance, will be 10 to 200 cycles points to reach its maximum capacity (the factory’s capacity is 1000mAh Ni-MH battery in the loop 100 times, the capacity may to 1100mAh).

Truth: It’s a battery in the Japanese products are more common in the technical specification of the cyclical nature of the figure usually seen. However, the current mainstream lithium-ion battery, this cycle peak phenomenon does not exist. Because the lithium-ion battery from the factory to the scrap, the performance of its capacity a little time for the loop, never had the capacity rebound phenomenon. Maybe a friend will ask some of the ThinkPad notebook users to deep discharge, you can restore the battery capacity. In fact it is only testing the software error detection only, the actual capacity of the battery did not improve.

Lithium-ion battery in the end there is no best? The answer is yes, it suffered with the ambient temperature change. In general, lithium ion batteries in 25 ~ 40 environment would show excellent performance. And by the low or high temperature state, its performance is being reduced. For example, you direct sunlight outdoors using a laptop computer cases, there is no longer used indoors.


Rumor four: two nominal capacity of the same (for example, 800mAh) batteries, if an actual measured capacity of 860mAh, the other is 805mAh, so 860mAH’s certainly better than the 805mAh’s.

Truth: In general, the different models (different sizes) of the lithium-ion panasonic cga-du21 battery, the higher the capacity the longer use. If the size and weight and other factors aside, of course, the higher capacity the better. However, the same for the two nominal capacity (for example, the above example) may not be the battery. Because the actual high capacity battery that, probably added in the electrode material used to increase the initial capacity of the material, reducing the stability of the electrode material used. As a result, dozens of the loop on the performance after the rapid decay of high capacity piece, while the capacity is still low strong. Many domestic manufacturers in order to cut costs, expand sales, often used this means to produce high-capacity battery. Users will find that after six months in the use of work time is much shorter. In short, the price increase capacity is to sacrifice life cycle, manufacturers are not material battery down the article, it is impossible to truly improve the battery capacity

Battery Save

Rumor five: If you do not use rechargeable batteries, should shine a power save.

Truth: In fact, not only has the above-mentioned rumors, full of lithium-ion battery in the end the preservation of the preservation or shine is sure to make many people confused? Answer to this question from the congenital defect about, that is “aging effect.” Lithium-ion battery olympus li-40b charger in storage for some time, even without recycling, will be part of their permanent loss of capacity, because the lithium-ion battery anode material from the factory when they began their failure in history. Different temperatures and the saturation level of the rate of aging is different under the specific range can be seen in the table below.

Thus, the higher the storage temperature, the more full battery charge, the greater the magnitude of capacity. Therefore, lithium-ion battery for long-term preservation, the user should be controlled at 40% capacity, and stored at 15 or lower temperatures can be. As for nickel-metal hydride and nickel cadmium batteries do not exist in this “aging effect”, after just a few long-term storage of full charge and discharge can be restored to its original capacity.

Sufficient follow-up to full power

Rumors of six: to charge the battery when the power is full of red adjourned after the charge 1 to 2 hours, this is conducive to enhancing the saturation of the battery.

Truth: laptop IBM thinkpad t43 battery generally overcurrent protection circuit, full power will automatically cut off the charging circuit, power supply equipment only to notebook, even if the battery and then charge 10 hours to no effect.

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