Something on a notebook battery loss

Pulls out the power source adapter, lets the notebook continue, closes down until the electricity. The Toshiba M361 notebook closes down time has not closed, gave, was at a sleep condition 10 day of long time, what like this had to the notebook battery to harm? (opens time what demonstrated is 5% electricity, will insert the power source one also will be 100%, will capture the power source only then 86%, will go the electric wholesale camera battery obvious feeling to be very quick. Should be influential, I am M357, one time was also the close-down makes into the sleep, passed 12 days only then to discover, after now meets the adapter charge, demonstrated fills, but after capturing, again starting, was about 90%, only could use for 1 hour.

Examines with Master Lu, the notebook battery loss 20%, post-sale said unexpectedly is the normal phenomenon.

However you battery initialization, probably a little effect, I on initial one time, lost falls has stayed 3%. Please determine that the computer is at the close-down condition, then joins the external DV Battery charge. After filling the electricity, again starting. When the screen presents “Press to enter System Configuration Utility”, presses down [F2] to open the SCU procedure, and lets the computer stop in this place. Is the BIOS establishment contact surface. Operates the notebook to close down until it. The colored camera package uses many kinds of colors and design matching, is attractive, the material quality is purified cotton making, ceases the static electricity, plays role which quakeproof anti-falls, protects the camera not to suffer injury.



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