Notebook Battery
by n3rraD

How to check a notebook computer Battery

Testing a notebook  battery permits one to decide if it has any remaining charge. one of the best method to check a battery would be to connect it to some notebook computer and turn the device on. However, there are various other methods to decide if your notebook computer battery has any charge.

Test your notebook computer battery using a check light. verify the check mild primary to make certain it works. Connect the mild to some steel soil source. verify the check mild on the battery that you just know works. when the check mild glows, it’s good. location the light’s check finish in to the battery’s good port. when the mild glows, your battery is good.

Check your notebook computer battery(such as hp dv6700 battery) using a battery tester.

set 1 finish belonging to the tester inside the battery’s good port, and also the other inside a undesirable port. The tester will study how significantly lifestyle is inside the battery, if any.

Hook your notebook computer battery as significantly as a multimeter. stick to the procedure in action two to connect the meter and decide how significantly demand is left inside the battery. Most multimeters are electronic, but some have gauges that proceed to some specific point.

Place the notebook computer battery on the battery charger. they are largely utilized for cars. Battery chargers ordinarily show if a battery is good, poor or desires a charge.


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