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Notebook Batteries

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I used to be a packrat with the things I carried around. Never know when you might need that extra set of batteries! Or that pocket knife with the can opener! And lord knows you need at least two pencils and a pen on you (crappy ones at that)!

No, no no no. Done with that. I walk out the door and instinctually do a "phone, keys, wallet" check in one motion and know I’m good to go. Hell, I don’t even carry the pen or notebook (pocket moleskine, grid lines of course) around with me unless I know I’m going to need them (out to buy things, out with friends, traveling in unknown places). The wallet’s an old but trusted friend from many exes ago, the watch is the first I’ve been able to stand wearing over long periods of time (the many secrets of well-worn leather) from a much more recent ex (considerably better terms—o! experience).

The phone is a first gen iPhone, complete with dents, dings, drops, and even a scratch in that supposedly invincible screen. Tough love but she’s a trooper. I respect the disconnected life and while I’m certainly not living it myself I am pleased to be down to a single, pleasant device.

The keys are no frills, just the facts ma’am, because as with the rest, only the essentials please.

Oh and the type term coasters are what happens when you put a graphic designer and a developer/wannabe-designer in one house. Makes sense really.

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Notebook Batteries

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