TDKN #51 – AVIOUSLY – Ep.5 Don’t you hate it when your Laptop Battery dies? Batteries are great when they work, but are a pain when they run out of juice. Tune into this episode and learn the most important tricks to help you save battery life on any gadget and keep them running all day long. TDKN’s AVIOUSLY features quick TechKnowledgey tips and tricks relayed to you by Avi and filmed by Devir. It’s ‘avious’ when you know the secret… Tweet this video: Episode Page: Website: SUBSCRIBE Subscribe to TDKN on YouTube: Subscribe to TDKN email updates: Subscribe to TDKN RSS: FOLLOW Devir’s Twitter: TDKN’s Twitter: Blog: Formspring.Me: The DeVlogs (2nd Channel):
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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