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Notebook battery frequently asked questions

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Notebook battery frequently asked questions –

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Notebook battry frequently asked questions. How to correctly use the laptop battery?Now we take laptop battery ACER battery Laptop Battery as an example. Although different brands may have different problems and solutions, we think as the technology is the same, there must be something in common. laptop charger,1. Q: How long the new battery to drive computer time?

A: The laptop battery run time is difficult to determine. The actual running time depends on the power requirements of devices, screen size, hard drive and other accessories all the extra power consumption, greatly reducing its running time, the battery’s total running time also depends on equipment design.

2. Q: Several hours after the first charge, the battery still shows only 30%, which is why? How to do to reach 100% full charge?

A: run into this problem, you can refer to the third correction method described in laptop batteries for your notebook battery calibration in order to achieve optimal performance to operate. >,Power Inverter,If you still can not solve, contact your supplier for replacement IBM battery FRU 92P1129 Battery IBM battery ThinkPad R60 Series Battry .

3. Q: The battery is not fully used up on the charge will reduce the life span?

A: The battery life is generally calculated in accordance with the number of fully charged, lithium is generally 300-400 times. Of course, you do not have to worry about the battery power on a single charge, rechargeable battery generally only when completed will increase the full charge and discharge time.laptop adapter.

4. Q: The battery charge to a certain percentage of 100% even after the broken AC power supply, battry is not discharging, and the computer shut down, and why?

laptop batteryAnswer: (1) depends on your working environment temperature is not too high, if the high temperature region, prolonged use of the battery protection will occur, in order to prevent accidents, the computer starts the computer program on termination of work, and you can Turn off your computer, you can take the battery out, put back again.

(2) the computer’s charging circuit when the charge is the easiest hair growth problems, another possibility is that your computer is in charge of the process, a problem. Please check your computer. At this point you can find the original battry, to see whether the computer can workbattery.

5. Q: My Dell laptop does not recognize the battery, and display “battery is not compatible with this computer, insert the Dell batteries” like the information, and the light kept flashing, how is this going on?

A: This information indicated that the battery of compatibility is not good, When this fails, contact your supplier for replacement. IBM battery ThinkPad T60 Series battery IBM battery ASM 92P1132 Battery

6. Q: When I put the battery inside the computer, the computer automatically shut down, and remove the battery, the computer can work, why?>el wire.

A: This indicates that the battery is faulty. This is a very small part may be due to short-circuit the battery interface, caused by technical failure protection. Encounter this failure, please contact your supplier for replacement battery.

7. Q: The new battery can not charge Why?,

A: All laptop battery manufacturer in the ship, the laptop battery will charge the battery 40-50. Generally, we recommend charging overnight (about 12 hours). The early stages of a new laptop battery should be IBM battery ASM 92P1128 Battery IBM battery ThinkPad Z60m Series battery rechargeable (depth charge, then the depth of discharge), 3 to 5 times, to optimize battery performance. (Note: the battery during charging and discharging process of a certain temperature is normal). It’s hard to charge a new battery adapter, because they never charge depth. If this happens, remove the battery, then reinsert. tablet pc

Charge cycle should begin again. The first charge the battery several times when this may occur. Do not worry, this is completely laptops.

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