Optimising Laptop Battery Life

Have you noticed that your Laptops’ battery is losing more and more juice each month? Of course it is, it most probably has a Lithium Ion battery, which are known to slowly lose their capacity over time.

But wait, there are some easy steps you can take to minimise this loss in battery capacity, and if you stick to them, you probably won’t have to replace your battery for another few years.

Basic tips.

Avoid placing your laptop in hot places, especially in areas that are exposed to full sun. Battery capacity is diminished greatly when exposed to temperatures over 23 degrees centigrade.

Whenever you are going to store your laptop for prolonged periods of time, don’t charge the battery to 100%. It has been proven that a 40% charge is the optimum amount when storing your laptop.

You should charge your laptop to 100%, and then fully discharge the battery every month so that the “Fuel Gauge” of your laptop displays the correct amount of charge.

Avoid buying a spare battery when you don’t need one.

Storing a spare battery for prolonged times will reduce its capacity, as they don’t have a long shelf life.

Check for software updates on your laptop regularly. As software gets more established and tested, programmers optimise their code so that the software runs better, saving your laptop from performing unnecessary tasks.

Unplug unused external devices, such as flash drives, cameras, or external hard disks. They use battery power even when you are not using them.

Apple Mac tips.

Use the energy saving setting in System Preferences > Energy Saver to lower the time it takes before your laptop goes to sleep.

Tick the option that states ‘Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible’ to reduce unnecessary overworking.

Windows tips.

Under the Power Options in the Control Panel, you can find an energy saving preset that will turn your screen and hard disks off after a short period of time.

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