Notebook Battery
by BKbral

Re-Understand Notebook Lithium Battery Maintenance

Li-ion batteries in a life cycle in general can be 300 to 500 times charge-discharge. So many people think that, as long as using less battery, so that you can to a certain extent, played a role in extending battery life. But they did ignore the originalthat the physical nature of the end when the battery off the assembly line, it’s internal life, the clock will then start walking.

So even if you do not set aside the battery, lithiumlife was only two to three years you can come to an end of. Battery capacity caused by reasons for the decline was due to oxidation caused by the battery internal resistance increases. When the electrolytic cell resistance reaches a certain point, although this time the battery still be full of electricity, but the battery of  dell inspiron 6400 battery has been unable to release the stored electricity.

Caused by lithiumis the speed of this aging temperature and set aside when the charge state of preservation decision.

I will give a table to illustrate the different situations of these two factors, the impact on the battery capacity.

Can be seen from the table, high charge state and the high temperature accelerated the decline inapacity. Therefore, if possible, as far as possible, after the battery charge to 40% placed in a cool place to save. This allows the preservation of a long period, the battery protection circuit is in its working state. And if the battery is fully charged, will be placed at high temperatures, which will cause great damage to the battery, the table has also been seen, charge 100% in the 60 ° C environmental conservation, 3 months after the battery capacity fell by 40% .

Therefore, how to save the battery solved the issue, but also leads to another focus of everyone has been argued, that is when we use a fixed power supply when there is a need to remove the Apple A1189 battery? Before the resolution of this question let us first analyze the use of fixed power supply when the battery placed in a computer battery environment in which … … at this time due to charge notebook battery computer battery role in protection circuit, so that the battery remained at 100% of full power state, and this When the battery in which the ambient temperature between 25-30 ° C, at least, if the hot weather, this temperature will be higher, then from the table, you should be very natural to come to a conclusion that it is so to do this would actually damage the

But despite the use of laptop computer battery, high-temperature will bring damage to the battery.

But Qudiao battery, use only a fixed supply, there will still some danger that dust and moisture will cause some damage to the battery, while the use of notebook battery computer battery in order to avoid a sudden power notebook battery computer battery may cause damage, so Manufacturers generally warn users not to remove the battery. Of course, this result will be naturally imagined, your battery as often in such a relatively poor environment, it will not be long over, and then you will need to go to repair center to replace the battery, this way, the benefit of course, is a manufacturer.

Finally we spotlight a lithium battery that is exactly how a reasonable charge and discharge this issue. For the lithium battery is best for partial discharge, rather than fully discharged, and to as much as possible to avoid frequent full discharges. Regular Apple A1185 battery too low discharge of the result can only be scrapped so that the battery in advance, because if the battery into every cell of 2.5 volts below the battery’s internal safety circuitry will be switched on, this time the battery will become some bad spent. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations from occurring, do not save the battery power before its release was erased, but rather a number of electric charge in the store before, and again before the first fully charged.

All in all, in order not to make your premature loss of the role of the battery, then the use of normal, you should try to comply with the following principles:

A. avoid full discharge, and often for lithium batteries. The repeated arbitrarily rechargeable lithiumbattery damage is very small, almost negligible.

B. will need to keep hold of lithium batteries placed in the shade, remember not to put in the refrigerator. Avoid placing hot car, such as a long time to save the battery charge to 40% in place.

C. most of the time if you are using a fixed power supply, please remove the batteries placed in the shade.

D. no need to purchase spare lithium batteries for storage, so this piece is actually a waste  battery.

Battery is brought to use, as long as the attention to rational use and preservation methods, there is no need to care for their excessive, making it possible for its owners contribute more to performance is the most important.

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