In this video I replace the LCD Screen of a Gateway battery md2614u. Laptop batteries parts are easy to break and the small connectors and plastic pieces can be expensive to replace. If you decide to work on your laptop battery, please take notes and take your time! If you would like me to check out your laptop battery, we do a free estimate at my shop and have a fast turn around time. Removal of: Battery 0:11 CDRom Drive 0:55 Power Button Assembly 1:07 keyboard 1:29 Wireless Antennas 1:43 LCD Screen Motherboard Connector 2:02 LCD Screen Assembly 2:30 LCD Screen Frame Bezel 2:41 Webcam Connector 4:19 LCD Frame 4:30 LCD Flex Cable LCD Connector 4:55 Inverter Board Connector 5:01 New LCD Screen Installation 5:13 If you are having problems with your laptop battery we can help! We have been doing free estimates since 2000. Please send me a message or check out
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