electricsense.com The Dangers of Laptop Radiation Developing electro sensitivity is becoming a growing concern to people as wireless technologies such as computer battery, cellphones and wireless hotspots are being used increasingly around us. But even something as seemingly harmless as the non wireless technology in a laptop can be a source of dangerous radiation. These technologies which are creating large amounts of electromagnetic pollution have quite an effect on our health which is even still not fully understood. This electromagnetic pollution surrounds you and it is the cause of electrosensitivity in people in a growing number of people. Suffering From Electrosensitivity Besides disrupting the regulation of the nervous system in our bodies, these radiation fields cause various symptoms such as: cardiovascular disruptions, tiredness, irritability, headaches, dizziness, visual problems and trouble sleeping. When it comes to long term exposure, the symptoms range from Fibromyalgia to other chronic ailments. Avoiding Electrosmog ‘Electrosmog’ is the combination of the various forms of electromagnetic fields (as created by a laptop PC in operation) and radio frequency radiation from electronic devices. It surrounds us 24/7 in our homes, neighbourhoods, workplaces, and outside and as mentioned, it is still uncertain what long-term effects it has on our health and DNA. Electromagnetic radiation has become so common that it is virtually impossible to avoid this electrosmog. Long
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