How to Care for a Notebook Battery

Modern apple laptop batteries are capable of providing hours of time away from a power socket, but repeatedly charging and discharging causes the capacity of any battery to dwindle. However, there are some preventative measures which can prolong the useful lifespan of a laptop battery.

Discharge the HP notebook battery and do not keep it at full charge unless a full charge is needed. Lithium-Ion batteries react poorly to being kept at full charge for long periods of time, resulting in a battery which will quickly lose its life.

The worst possible situation is to keep a battery in a laptop while it is being used on AC or DC power–always take the battery out in these situations.

Reduce the heat which surrounds the laptop battery. Heat increases the rate at which the dell computer battery ages, resulting in a lower useful lifespan. In home usage, this means keeping the laptop from sitting on carpet, upholstered furniture, blankets and any other insulator which will cause the laptop’s internal temperature to rise.

Avoid a usage pattern which relies on discharging and recharging the entire battery if possible.

Full charges can reduce lifespan by themselves, but a pattern of full discharges followed by full recharges can cause a further acceleration in the reduction of useful lifespan.

Occasionally allow the battery to be fully discharged and then charged back to full. While this is bad for the battery if done frequently, it is a requirement for keeping an accurate gauge of battery life. The digital gauges used by notebooks to track how much run time is left in a battery become less and less accurate as the battery is partially charged and discharged. A full discharge and recharge every twenty to thirty uses will resolve the issue.

Store the laptop in a cool place while it is not in use and ensure it is not constantly connected to a wall socket. This circles back around to the issues of heat and charge levels. Note, however, that a lithium-ion battery should never be stored at near or below freezing.

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