See part 1: Currently i have no issues with this laptop. General specifications are mentioned at the start of video. Specs not mentioned: HP Low-light Clear 2MP Webcam 2 Built-in Clear Microphone Both features are built into bezel. 9 Cell Battery Part # is MU09 in case you’re looking to buy the 9cell for your dv6tse. Most modifications such as for the sound should be listed here: computer Some great modifications: Mac-Like Volume Control – Download 3RVX here: Granola Power Saving Program: Don’t like your HP Quick launch keyboard keys? Change them with EventGhost: Browsing Youtube, Google Images, Flickr in 3D with Touchscreen (below is link for Google Chrome you can get it for your specific browser by searching Google “Cooliris”: CPU/GPU Cooling Info: Laptop when opened up: They use thermal pads on two of the chips up top (silver squares), and thermal paste on Northbridge Chip and Graphics Chip as seen in the pic. Just apply new paste on northbridge chip and graphics chip. Ignore the red-circles from paint lol. This laptop is NOT bulky as Toshiba batterys, not slippery as Macbook Pros, Not thin or flimsy as Lenovo ThinkPads ALL MUSIC PLAYING IN THIS VIDEO IS COPYRIGHTED TO THEIR RESPECTIVE BANDS/SINGERS etc. I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC. Music used in background for educational non-profit use.

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