486 laptop
Laptop Batteries

Image by akadruid
With freshly frozen battery.

MacBook Pro Battery
Laptop Batteries

Image by johndan
Cupertino, we have a problem. (Not how I wanted to start my day.)

Apple Tech Support is sending me a replacement. (The laptop’s out of warranty and their aren’t any open recalls, but they’re doing it as an exception.)

Laptop Batteries

Image by Tom Morris
Some laptop stickers on my machine. I have put a laptop sticker on my battery for a good reason – I have two laptop batteries and I would like to be able to tell them apart by glance. Associating them with a brand like Technorati is creatively hacking my brain to associate them. (although technorati has one downside with this – if my battery stops working, I’ll be shouting "Curse you, Technorati")

I started putting stickers on my laptop when I got a Firefox sticker set from the folks at Mozilla Europe. About the same time, a big scratch appeared on the casing of my laptop.

Thanks to Kevin Marks for supplyin’ me up with the Technorati stickers when I met him at PodCamp last year (he is now working at The Goog). Thanks to the ORG people for giving me such a nice big ORG sticker (although putting your URL on it would have been sensible).

Stickers I’d love to have: RSS, OPML, RDF, Scripting News, Geek Entertainment TV, CC, "Darwin has a posse", BarCamp, Apache. Maybe a nice Yeast Radio sticker.

This machine has a few years left in it yet, so send me silly stickers, damnit.

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