Desktop – May 2011
Laptop Battery

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Old Desktop

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Icons are Kobhens. I got mine from a different site, so I can’t vouch for those…

WeatherBug/Caffeine/Nocturne/Instant Shot/Shiftlt/YouControlTunes/Wordpress/ialertu/Bowtie/Just Notes/Mobile Mouse Server

Geektool scripts:

date +"%I:%M"

date +"%p"

date +%A

Day of the month:
date +%d

date +%B


RAM Usage:
top -l 1 | awk ‘/PhysMem/ {print "Used: " " Free: " }’

Airport info:
sh /Users/Isaac/

Battery Percent:
ioreg -l | grep -i capacity | tr ‘\n’ ‘ | ‘ | awk ‘{printf("%.2f%%", / * 100)}’

Year 3~Day 182 +153/365 AND Day 913: Getting Organized
Laptop Battery

Image by Old Shoe Woman
The first 2 pieces of luggage that I’m packing for our trip to Vegas on Friday morning are my rolling laptop bag and my camera backpack. My small purse will be tucked into the laptop bag. My Treo Smartphone will be in my purse. I’ll have to remember to take the cord for charging the phone. To save on time, I’ll probably take my daily portrait with my cameraphone for the next few days.

Before packing the laptop, I had to update Windows, the anti-virus software, and charge the battery. Before packing my two cameras, I charged the batteries, located the chargers, and cleaned off the SD cards. I’m also remembering to pack my mobile Internet adapter since we’ve continually been upset that the wireless Internet hasn’t worked in our timeshare apartment. I’ll be packing my GPS to plug into the car–even though Jim says I don’t need it. I could also take my car charger for my cell phone.

We will still carry 2 checked bags each even though we’ll have to pay each (each way) for the first checked bag, and we’ll pay each (each way) for the second checked bag. This decision was made by my husband to save money on the return trip just in case one bag is over 50 lbs. We’ll have another bag to stash extra things we might pick up. There is a very hefty fee for any checked bag that weighs over 50 lbs.

Other details about the day: I made a transaction that will be beneficial for the doctor visit that I made yesterday. Jim helped me out with my time by making a short trip to another town.

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