Laptop Battery Maintenance Guide
Battery is a consumable with a limited life span, most manufacturers warranty for the laptop battery battery time for three months to one year, Dell is to follow the industry standard one-year limited warranty. For the battery, the correct use and proper storage, is the ability to significantly extend laptop battery battery life. 

First, the battery of the Key Points.

1. Why use an external power supply, can be won without the battery?

(1) the motherboard chip to prevent overcharging. When the battery charge to 100%, the charge control chips (FET) will stop charging the battery. We do not have to worry about damage to the battery.

(2) BIOS battery connector will avoid loss of information.

(3) to prevent a sudden power loss of data. 2. Prevent exposure to prevent damp to prevent the erosion of chemical liquids, avoid contact with metal objects touch the battery short circuit, etc. happen. 

2. Long-term need notebooks, how to save the battery? We will face a period of time not to use laptop battery, the battery should be kept fully charged, or to be discharged save electricity?

Optical long-term preservation will put batteries lose their activity, and even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and can not re-use, full power will bring long-term preservation security risks, the best method is to save about 40% of electricity used and then stored in cool dry place, about 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal storage temperature. Of course, take the battery out every month with the best time, the battery can ensure a good state of preservation, but not so for the loss of damage to the battery power completely.

How to View the Dell battery? (The D610 battery, for example)

Remove the battery, press the battery symbol, you can see the situation of five battery status lights. Two consecutive light, representing 40% of the electricity. Representative of the whole light power is sufficient, if the 135 light, the battery is damaged.

Second, how to extend laptop battery battery as much as possible the work time?

Screen brightness reduced. How to adjust the brightness using the laptop battery battery, power press F2, enter in the BIOS to adjust the Video Brightness item.

Or use the fn + down / up key combination to quickly adjust the brightness.

3. For details, please refer to older BIOS: 

(1) Open the CPU speedstep feature can greatly extend the battery’s working time; Cpu’s speedstep BIOS function is enabled by default. When using the battery, cpu will automatically down-use to save energy. If not enabled, please start by F2, into the BIOS to find Performance, set Speedstep Enable to Enabled. (Old BIOS is the Alt + P to the sixth page, modify the intel speedstep) 

(2) The use of standby, sleep and other functions. As a long time without a computer battery, allowing notebook standby or hibernate, saving power and prolong the life of the computer battery. (Tip: Make sure video card drivers installed successfully, the power management options can be set.) 

In the WINDOWS program in the power management settings, we generally can be set to “Portable / Laptop” (Portable / Laptop).

Also suggest that you will use the battery, turn off the monitor waiting time is set to 5 minutes, so that when we do not operate in the notebook for some time, it will be black screen directly, so other than the screen saver is running to be more energy-efficient. 

(3) in the use of batteries, try to turn off the wireless, Bluetooth and infrared ports.Remove peripherals when not in use at the same time and to avoid opening large 3D programs, games, etc., to reduce unnecessary battery consumption.

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