Save Your Laptop Battery

After years of development, laptop has become more prevailing. But the price of the laptop has not been reduced to an acceptable level. Therefore, laptop users should take care of the laptop. But how can a laptop properly maintained? Here we are going to have this battery for instance.
Without this battery, my laptop is useless. So I have really cautious about my laptop battery. On the online store, the replacement is at a very high price. When I got the IBM battery battery, I have it under the instruction hoping it will serve me longer.

For the laptop battery such as IBM 02K7016 battery, IBM ThinkPad R60 Battery and IBM ThinkPad T60 Battery, it will generally charge about 50% of pre-charge in the production line.

Because of the natural discharge, the battery differs from other. Like this IBM battery battery, it has been calibrated by the manufactures in the factory. That is why it has charged when I bought it. Don’t be suspicious about it.

Under normal circumstances, the user will not use the battery every time after re-charge the battery exhausted, then there is always part of the lithium ion may not be used. There is a certain inertia of lithium-ion effect, if time does not use will lose its activity, which requires re-activation (you can refresh the battery to solve), other lithium-ion batteries learning effect also occurs (internal IC register values errors or error), which also need to refresh the batteries, so if you find time do not use batteries or the battery charge and discharge time shorter, please refresh the battery, it is recommended to conduct a three-month average battery refresh, but on the Asus battery notebooks words, the battery can use preset refresh action in the battery in the BIOS update process, the refresh process takes time depending on battery capacity vary.

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