Very Sad Indeed
Laptop Battery

Image by Alice Bartlett
Something great happened, and I got a new laptop battery.

But look! My CICS sticker!

Do you work in CICS? Do you have a stockpile of CICS stickers? Do you enjoy using the IBM postal system?

Send me a CICS sticker and I will be eternally grateful. Send me two and I’ll make you some CICSpecs or even some CICS knuckle dusters

Hinge repair
Laptop Battery

Image by selkovjr
A desperate, but successful fix to the old Sony Vaio laptop. I have simply soldered the broken hinge in place. With a large enough bead of solder (filling all available space), it will hold just fine — perhaps better than a new hinge.

The poor thing is 8 years old now, but its kind is still loved by many, as I can tell from perpetual replacement hinge and battery offers on eBay.

Source: 090117_151545.RAF

Home Office
Laptop Battery

Image by DanielCK

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