Laptop battery maintain advice

Today I came home to get last purchase I made on the internet: a new Compaq presario cq70 battery for my lap-top. The reason is that my standard battery died, or poorly cared (which I doubt). And I could resist, until the autonomy of my laptop down to 10 minutes. Therefore I searched on the net to find some guidelines and tips and avoid the same thing happen again with my new battery. Surely some of the items you surprised, at least I did. Hope you come right this short list.

First of all note that these guidelines be followed only laptop battery type lithium-ion (Li-ion)-which bring all laptops today, as other batteries such as Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) or Nickel-Hydride (Ni-MH), should receive different treatment.

Without further ado, here are those of advice:

Avoid complete charge-discharge common: Despite what many might think, the cycles of complete charge and discharge are harmful to our Compaq presario v3000 battery (based on Li-ion).

Formerly it was advised it was used in nickel-based batteries, which had a so-called memory effect that these cycles will come good, but now no longer makes sense to them frequently. There is one exception: although it is not advisable to abuse the above cycles, if it is good to fully discharge the battery and re-charge to 100% from time to time (especially if you have not use it), so that the meters Load internal fit properly.

When not in use for some time, store in a cool place (not in places that can reach high temperatures or be exposed to the sun, like a car).

It would also be desirable to keep a certain load (between 40 and 60% is ideal). It is very important not to keep the fully discharged for a long period of time, as it could stop working.

It is not harmful to use your laptop connected to the mains while we have the battery inserted in it. Also so we have a small UPS equipment that will save our work possible cuts. However, just as in the previous paragraph mentioned how bad it is to keep the battery fully discharged, is strongly discouraged (very bad) to maintain the battery at 100% forever. Therefore, although it is not bad to use the laptop plugged in and the Compaq presario v6000 battery in place, the ideal is to disconnect the charger when the battery is above 90% and reconnect when about 10%. The battery will last longer if you move (ie, uploads and downloads) that if you use little.

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