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“Lithium battery raw materials were Japanese quite good, but these raw material production base factory located in the earthquake disaster area or basic near the disaster area, estimates that affected relatively large. In the earthquake, in addition to the dell factories closed outside, guhe electrical, Hitachi, JX into, ore and mitsubishi chemical all have factories located in disaster area or near the disaster area.

Actually, affected might not notebook lithium battery such as dell Inspiron 1000 battery, dell Inspiron 2200 battery, dell 312-0292 battery, dell INSPIRON 2600 battery, dell INSPIRON 2650 battery, dell 1G222 battery, dell BAT3151L8 battery, dell Latitude X300 battery, dell W0465 battery, dell Inspiron 2000 battery, dell Latitude LS battery, and digital camera, LCD panel etc, and is hot apple could face iPad2 iPhone4 and supply problems. Japan is a global electronic material leading country, many electronic materials are dominated by Japanese manufacturers, global market share more than 70%. Although most electronic material factory in the disaster area, but also likely due to power outages or shortages affect production, which affects the production of electronic industry downstream.

Taiwanese Digitimes’s research report, although sanyo, panasonic and dell laptop lithium battery in the global market share, is being Korean LG battery, samsung and mainland China manufacturer, and year after year, extrusion Japanese ancient river decline into, JX electrician, Hitachi, ore and mitsubishi chemical materials manufacturers but four of the world of lithium battery four materials market 55.9% share. Four of lithium battery materials were points diaphragm, positive materials, cathode materials and electrolyte.

In the earthquake, in addition to the dell factories closed outside, guhe electrical, Hitachi, JX into, ore and mitsubishi chemical all have factories located in disaster area or near the disaster area. Among them, guhe electrical possession of lithium battery use electrolytic copper foil market was 55% share, and its factory in this city LiMuXian disaster areas; Hitachi global lithium battery into is the biggest manufacturer, anode materials as much as 50% market share, its factory in ibaraki prefecture; JX day ore is the world of lithium battery anode materials mainly manufacturers, its factories in ibaraki prefecture; Mitsubishi chemical possession of lithium battery electrolyte materials market share and also have 25% in ibaraki prefecture part factory.

Taiwan industrial institute of technology research report, although there is no in ibaraki prefecture on the earthquake center, but five to six levels of earthquake intensity will affect, and production equipment and building causing destruction.

“Now laptops more important standard is the battery life ability, with Japanese materials to make batteries, stable performance.” LiuHouDe points out, although bixente battery is also considering alternative, but the final product will through customer inspection.

Although at present the global laptop battery market still has some glut of others, including bixente batteries by now, but some inventory, estimated the inventory of two march within LiuHouDe digestive finished, said, adding that the next few months laptops lithium battery may appear supply shortages crisis, lithium battery production equipment is mainly produced in Japan.

Battery is HP, dell buckbeak, lenovo and other international notebook computer giant lithium battery supply chain, currently in laptops lithium battery market share nearly two percent. Byd shares battery division officials also said the Japanese quake on the laptop battery supply could have implications for mobile, but with little influence on lithium-ion batteries. Because, handset lithium battery materials have basically localization.

IPhone from Japan purchase parts and 30%. However, electronic upstream materials in spread panic. “IPhone and iPad component supply will appear problem.” The first one supplier foxconn to financial daily that iPad many fine components with iPhone from Japanese manufacturers purchase, so apple related principals of Asia have to fly to Japan, coordinate supply problems. However, there are no confirmed that the foxconn statements.

ISuppli analyst to Japan GuWenJun points out, apple has always been high dependence of parts, besides Toshiba in NAND flash outside, murata, new bluetooth/WLAN module is also an important part of iPhone, and kotewall AKM semiconductor, er will reach into DengRi department manufacturers are apple’s important supplier.

GuWenJun said, according to a Japanese research institutions in the statement, iPhone from Japan purchase parts account for 34 per cent of the total cost. “Although apple supplier system is sound, the majority accessories and components suppliers have two to three, but the earthquake will certainly give apple supply chain pressure.” GuWenJun said.

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