Hp Laptop battery tips

In fact, how to make good use of HP Laptop battery, how to extend their use of time and the life of the other issues, no doubt troubled by the majority of laptop users in the heart of a problem, laptop computer battery has a variety of methods and techniques, which requires us to usually use more learning and application.

1. fast to sleep
Temporarily using a laptop computer, to save battery power, we can set the power management program, allowing the system to sleep after a period of time, but shorter or longer will have to wait a few minutes, there is no way to make the notebook computer system immediately enter the sleep state?

The notebook computer system to sleep, a quick and easy way is to simply turn off the display. Press display just little things, you can make the laptop to sleep immediately, effectively conserve battery power. When you need to re-use, simply open the display, the system will automatically return to the state before the operation.

2. the screen-saving mode
TFT screen is the largest notebook computer power components, in order to reduce its use of the battery when the power consumption, notebook computer manufacturers of all kinds of devices, but in general are used to reduce the screen brightness and even turn off the screen method.

In the part of the notebook computer’s power management settings you can customize the brightness of the screen, most laptops can be specific shortcut keys adjust the screen brightness, generally 6 to 8 level brightness adjustment.

3. alarm settings
You can set the battery alarm function to give prompt and timely for the user to save the information. Method is to click open the “Control Panel”, double-click “Power” option, point “alarm” menu bar “Low battery alarm” bar Windows 98 default is 10%, “a serious shortage of battery alarm” column for the Windows 98 default 3% can make the appropriate changes as needed. Click on both the [alarm response] button, the “Sound Alarm” and “message” is selected, the “power level” is optional. This is used when the battery alarm limit, a warning window will pop up, and the buzzer alarm will sound to prompt the user to save information in a timely manner. Finally click [OK] button to exit the power management settings.

4. on energy-saving function
In the “extended HP Laptop battery life technology” section, we have introduced energy-saving feature is a CPU usage of the technology, which allows the performance of notebook computers will play between its battery to achieve the best balance.

Most new models of notebook computers in the BIOS, the CPU energy-saving technologies are given support, is enabled by default, if not open as long as the BIOS will support the option to open OK.

5. the use of third-party software to monitor battery status
In addition to Windows built-in power management features, there are a lot of utility to monitor battery status, such as Lu master software. Master Lu on laptop battery monitoring software usage details, please refer to: How to monitor the use of laptop battery

6. intentionally run out of battery
Regularly run out of battery, in order to ensure a full charge. If you need to completely run out of battery power, which would be: In the Power Management dialog box, select the Battery Drain this particular power mode, all of its three Running on Batteries options are set to Never, this notebook is the computer on will continue to run. Select the mode, then enter the Alarms tab, cancel the Low Battery and Critical Battery Warning check box check mark (so that when the battery power is low, the machine will not enter the suspend state). Next, let the computer run the CPU-time tasks, such as the computer automatically runs some of the computational complexity of the 3D demo program, which will soon run out of battery power remaining, of course, these disposal do not forget to unplug the AC plug.

7. the first activation of laptop battery
Most notebook computer manufacturers in the factory all the time, said, buy a new notebook computer should be in full discharge of the case, repeated three times for full battery charge / discharge, charging time, preferably more than 14 hours. That is such a word, so that the majority of laptop users have the wrong perspective.

In fact, the laptop before shipping the product within the cell will be activated in order to avoid wear and tear affect battery performance, with only a small amount of electrical energy. Since the completion of a HP Laptop battery is fully charged it will automatically stop working, there is no need to keep the charging time to 12 hours. In general, buy a new laptop just follow the normal charge / discharge mode can be activated.

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