I think I might not need all of this stuff
Computer Battery

Image by stu_spivack
I bought a battery charger so that I wouldn’t have to worry about my cell phone battery dying. It’s huge overkill for just a cell phone but it will also rescue my netbook and camera. Of course, it means that I basically pack the standard charge and then the separate connectors for each gadget that I packed.

Wrist Computer Concept Question
Computer Battery

Image by Brick Farmer
Those of you who have read Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy will know what I mean when I say wristpad.
For those who don’t, a wristpad is a wrist-worn computer formfactor.
This design consists fo a combination flexible touchscreen/battery (each exist), and a small control module containing the processors, a battery, a small camera, a laser pointer, and a few white LEDs. The display would wrap around most of the wrist, clasping on the side farthest from the control module. The computer would be ambidextrous, displaying the watch on one side fo the wrist, and other information on the other. The processor would not have to be very powerful, because only a few applications could run on such a limited screen resolution. It could, however, be used as a music player, supporting mp3, wav, aac, ogg, wma, and flac. Audible, too, probably. The device could aso serve as a bluetooth extension to a phone, or mabye have a phonen built in. Either way, it could use a cellular connection to grab and display information like stocks, weather, launch time, maybe RSS. Full-page web browsing is a definite nogo. Leave that to your lectern.
Input would be through the touchscreen and mabye the bezels around the ends of the control package. Also probably a button at the non-camera/light end of the control module, but that might be where the earbuds enter.
Hmm. Designing Human Interface Devices is hard.

What should I add to it?

Screen mock-ups to come.

Plugs and computer
Computer Battery

Image by fixedgear
Red bar-end plugs and Cateye Kosmos. I replaced the battery and re-set the computer for the new year.

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