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In response to the more powerful of the 3C products, battery technology innovation must also be kept in order to supply this generation of more and more hungry, more power to 3C products. The four most common rechargeable batteries – nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen, lithium ion and lithium polymer in the end what is the difference? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Xiaojiang used in this in trying to find data on the network to analyze the extracts of …

Nickel-cadmium battery is rechargeable battery technology the oldest one, back in 1899 was invented. Nickel-cadmium batteries can withstand short-term advantages of a large number of discharge and charge process is endothermic reaction – the latter feature will not allow it to charge batteries quickly cause too much damage. Nickel-cadmium battery voltage is 1.2V, than 1.5V alkaline battery slightly less marked, but because the process of alkaline battery discharge voltage will continue to fall, to usually only when no power 1V, instead of nickel-cadmium batteries provided has been very stable until the voltage 1.2V to date no electricity, so the majority of electronic products using alkaline battery nickel-cadmium batteries can be put in, no problem.

Disadvantage of nickel cadmium  dell inspiron 1420 battery  of the most famous is the so-called “memory effect”, that is, when there are still not run out of battery power to recharge, the battery will “remember” the position, remaining so for a long time after the electricity used , the battery will occur and the same response no electricity (voltage transient lower).

Therefore, before charging nickel-cadmium discharge process to go through a period, after the electricity to recharge drained. Most of all nickel-cadmium battery charger with automatic discharge function.

Than nickel-cadmium batteries for power storage is small (only about alkaline batteries, 1 / 4), and cadmium are toxic heavy metals, less so recently seen. Most applications have been close to its nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH) replaced.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries and nickel-cadmium battery is about the same technology, but replaced the anode from the cadmium hydride only. Most of its features and nickel-cadmium batteries, but a higher storage capacity, memory effect is relatively less obvious (but actually still exist). Ni-MH dell inspiron 1440 battery  biggest problem is that it has a high self-discharge rate, which is obviously a fully charged battery, do not set aside a month to have lost 30% of the power of the spectrum.

In the use of 5 (AA) and 7 (AAA) size batteries application, Ni-MH rechargeable battery is currently the mainstream, but has a higher storage capacity required to seek, or need to do more hours of volume, it is nec batteriesessary by lithium-ion battery was …

Lithium-ion battery is almost fantastic battery charge capacity, compact, light weight, no memory effect, high voltage, and low self-discharge, it is no wonder the majority of modern see 3C products were obtained using the lithium-ion ( or lithium polymer) battery.

But the seemingly perfect lithium-ion battery or a danger exists – the most obvious it has a very high tendency to self-destruct, and so much energy will be squeezed in such a small space, blew up and it is spectacular to be expected the. To avoid the risk of the occurrence of lithium must be added a lot of protective measures, the dell  m1530 battery  charging too far or is overheating, automatically power off. These additional circuits and institutions, is why there is no III / IV size lithium-ion batteries, laptop batteries and why such a high price reasons.

Lithium-ion batteries have a relatively unknown and interesting features, that is, whether you have not used it, it will be the maximum charge capacity of battery materials with oxidation decreased. In general at room temperature, the lithium-ion batteries store electricity will drop about 20% per year, and the higher the temperature, charge full survived, survived down fast. So if your laptop relatively poor heat dissipation, then for a long time to full power at 60 ° c environment lithium battery can lose 40% within three months of the storage of electricity.

Do not use electric light was charging – lithium batteries do not like to be discharged into the finish, so if you often find themselves the power to use the laptop dry, then it stars a bigger battery for it!

Do not charge to full power over – as I said before, the more full battery charge, has power down faster, so keep the 60 to 80% full is the best state. Unfortunately, like in addition to Panasonic’s notebook, but to achieve this is not easy.

Every thirty normal charge and discharge, it is nec batteriesessary to a “use dry” discharge – a short time are not afraid of lithium-ion battery itself, a small amount of the charge and discharge, but the previously mentioned circuit protection and may result in miscarriage of justice in the end is the battery There is much power. Discharge to a major power with a dry, and then charge to full saturation should be able to protect the loop “correction” back. Many laptops have a software or even in the BIOS, to provide such functionality.

Laptop with AC power, pull down the battery – which is the storage of electricity as the previous fall, said the issue. Pull down the battery, at least do not have access to the computer itself, it’s hot. If the battery then thrown into the refrigerator, the better …

Battery close up, leaving about 40% of the electricity in it – to leave too much storage capacity will reduce the problem, leaving little damage to the battery. What Nansi Hou ah!

Have to buy to buy a new battery – new battery have full power. Lithium-polymer batteries and lithium ion batteries, like the principle, but with a polymer electrolyte to replace the part. This makes lithium polymer battery can be made into various shapes (a good thing for consumers is not ==), in line with demand to be different. Lithium polymer batteries are also safer than lithium-ion battery to high temperature, impact, but when there are still over charge explosion. Maintenance and other principles are the same lithium-ion battery.

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