Poll: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever accidentally broken? www.micropoll.com Experiment #136 – Lithium Polymer Battery Most lithium polymer batteries (or LiPo for short) go as far as to warn you about simple sun exposure… so certainly a microwave’s exposure would be a near death sentence, right? Jory and the team decide to investigate. So, you’re probably wondering, Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? Tune in to find out. Twice a week, microwave specialist Jory Caron microwaves different objects… so you don’t have to! The “Jory Caron Microwave Laboratory 2.5″ is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with tinfoil shielding, a ventilation system, emergency surge protectors, safety clothing, and many sexy microwaves. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks to Zachary Hardin for donating the LiPo batteries! www.youtube.com ~~ Links ~~ FAQ Video ——— bit.ly Merchandise ——- bit.ly Flagged Videos — bit.ly ~~ Connect With Us ~~ ::: Jonathan Paula ::: YouTube —- bit.ly Facebook — bit.ly Twitter ——- bit.ly ::: Jory Caron ::: YouTube —- bit.ly Facebook — bit.ly Twitter ——- bit.ly ::: Riley McIlwain ::: YouTube —- bit.ly Twitter ——- bit.ly Facebook — bit.ly ::: Jogwheel Productions ::: Facebook — bit.ly Twitter ——- bit.ly ~~ Technical ~~ Created by —– Jonathan Paula & Jory Caron Starring ——— Jory Caron, Jonathan Paula, & Riley McIlwain Camera ——— Panasonic battery DVX-100b, Canon Elura 100, & Canon S3-IS Software ——– Adobe Premiere

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