How to choose a Lenovo Battery Replacement

If you have never heard of Lenovo computers then you need to pay closer attention to the things that are going on in the computer world. Lenovo sounds familiar to the computer buyers of today because they are one of the largest personal computer manufacturers in the world but for people that have followed the personal computer business closely you may know Lenovo better by the name of the personal computer company it purchased a few years ago and that was IBM  Personal Computers. Like IBM before them Lenovo is very strict on accessories for their notebooks and that goes for their batteries as well.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why you no longer hear the name IBM on television anymore when it comes to things like laptop computers and personal computers and small computers for business? The reason you do not hear the name IBM mentioned anymore is because in 2005 IBM sold off its personal computer division to a company out of China called Lenovo.

In typical Chinese fashion Lenovo  has avoided doing a lot of advertising here in the United States and relies heavily on the IBM(IBM laptop battery) brand and laptop computer models like the Thinkpad to be their source of advertising. If you do an internet search on the name Thinkpad you will find the Lenovo website and if you still want to purchase the IBM Thinkpad line of laptop computers then all you need to do is follow your internet search to the Lenovo website.

There you will find the line of Thinkpad laptop computers but missing is the name IBM. Lenovo has only been on the world stage for a very short time and after already becoming the largest personal computer maker in China Lenovo has taken the first jump into the world stage with their acquisition of the IBM computer line which now makes them the fourth largest personal computer manufacturer in the world. While you may not be seeing a lot of Lenovo advertising on the television you will find a strong internet presence that supports the Thinkpad line of laptops with a full line of accessories including batteries.

Lenovo is in a unique position as they may either be the manufacturer of their laptop batteries- Lenovo laptop battery or have direct access to the manufacturer which will allow them to have some very competitive prices for their laptop batteries. If you are looking to replace a Thinkpad battery that is starting to show signs of fading, or if you are looking to get a battery that has more capacity than your current battery, then the very first place you should look is on the Lenovo website. Do a search on the model of your Thinkpad and see what kind of results you get. The chances are very high that the prices you find for the Lenovo branded batteries will be very competitive even compared to the third party manufacturers which are normally very inexpensive in general.

People that own previous models of the Thinkpad that were manufactured by IBM can also check out the Lenovo site for batteries and other accessories for their Thinkpads. The chances are very good that Lenovo still supports your model of Thinkpad and that they also offer a full line of accessories and upgrades that include standard capacity batteries and high capacity batteries as well. So check out Lenovo for your laptop battery needs if you already own a Lenovo laptop computer.

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