Nikon Camera Batteries

The Nikon camera batteries are a useful device that gives proper backup to the cameras. Good camera batteries mean that you can click to your satisfaction and shoot as many shots as you want. The Nikon batteries never let you miss any moment. So now you can enjoy clicking without spoiling your excitement when you are out with your family or friends. The digital camera batteries are light and compact and you can buy the one that is compatible with your camera. The Nikon camera batteries price in India starts from Rs. 995 and above. The prices depend on the type of battery and accordingly the prices are set.

The Nikon EN-EL 10 rechargeable li-ion battery that is priced at Rs. 995 and is compatible many of the Coolpix cameras like the Coolpix S4000, S3000, S520, S210, S510, S700, S200, S500 etc.The EN EL 3E gives longer life and is a high performance battery that comes with high quality chemical consistence with the rectangular three contacts on its end.

The Nikon battery generates 13.6% more power as compared to the original batteries.The EN EL 3E comes with amp of 1.4. The price of this batter is Rs. 1,005 approximately. This is a rechargeable battery with a storage capacity of 1300 mAh.

The digital camera battery price is affordable and is set according to the type of the digital camera as some are expensive digital cameras while some are budget. The battery prices too differ from model to model based on the standard set for it.The Nikon EN-EL 4a battery will cost you around Rs. 5,395 and is a battery for the high-end cameras. This is a newly developed rechargeable battery with high-energy of Lithium-ion battery and has a large capacity on a single charge.

This confirms how high the energy of the battery is. It is compatible with DSLR D35, DSLR D3X, DSLR D3, DSLR D2Xs, D2Hs, and D2x.

The Nikon EN-EL 9 is a rechargeable battery of LI-ion and has a chemical consistence of high quality Li-ion. The run time is 65 minutes and has a storage capacity of 1000 mAh. The cost of this Nikon battery is Rs. 1,745. The company gives a guarantee that the parts are of the highest quality and will be compatible with any original Nikon product.The Nikon camera price is attractive and you also can choose a point and shoot camera to a professional camera that suits your requirements.


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