MINOX DSC Digital Spy Camera Review

When digital is widespread in photography, the spy camera of course has evolved with the trend of the times. So MINOX DSC Spy Camera was released.

MINOX DSC Digital Spy Camera Specifications and Features

Leica released MINOX DSC Spy Camera. The MINOX Spy DSC Camera LCD screen and camera body can be detachable. If not fitted with LCD screens, it can take photographs, however, it can not see if the photographs is what we want; of course, it also can not deleted the photos. However, the volume of net out LCD screen, the length of MINOX DSC Spy Camera without LCD screen is just longer than an AA battery, as width is about equal to two AA batteries side by side.

Height is about 1.5 AA batteries.

MINOX Spy Camera uses a 3.2 million pixel CMOS-sensor (the maximum Super-Resolution Interpolation up to 2560×1920, the resolution of the dynamic is 640×480), camera shot is composed of four lenses, does not support optical zoom, only a fixed focus function. MINOX DSC Spy Camera maximum aperture is F3.0, 35mm traditional film conversion specification, about 42mm focal lengths. However, MINOX Spy Camera has a big advantage in focus; it can take clearly pictures one meter away (focusing distance of one meter to infinity.)

MINOX DSC Digital Spy Camera comes with built-in 128MB memory, because the camera is small, so the Spy Camera uses a smaller Micro SD memory card. Even the LCD screen is also consistent with characteristics of small but beautiful spy, and it is only 1.5 inch.

MINOX DSC spy camera is at the dimensions of the 86mm (W) x21mm (high) X30mm (thick) and weighs only 74 grams, and uses a dedicated lithium battery for power supply. The LCD screen is also equipped with a dedicated lithium battery, charging in a very simple way, as long as the USB port connect with computer, it will charge Spy Camera as well as CD screen.

MINOX DSC Digital Spy Camera Outlook

On the right of the front side of DSC spy camera, there is the optical view finder (when taking pictures, the optical viewfinder would be in red light, it is said you had finished taking pictures), the left is a sign of MINOX.

On the left side of MINOX DSC Camera, there is a USB port, you can transfer files or charge the camera through this port. The circular hole in the bottom left of the LCD screen is signaling holes.

The design of top side of the camera is also very simple. Respectively, from the right side to left , there is shutter, photography, mode selection dial, up and down select button, and on the left top, there is indicator (including photographs, charging, playback mode, video capture, battery exhaustion, memory / card is full, etc.) Different states have different colors of light to show the current camera status. The left below button is the power switch.

MINOX DSC Digital spy camera photo mode dial has three modes to choose from. There are playing, photo shoots and video three features. I use photography mode dial, and found it quite tight, we have to use some effort to use it.

The other side of the MINOX DSC Digital spy camera is the memory card and battery compartment. Battery is screwed. Memory card is the use of Micro SD; in addition, it can also use Micro SDHC, supports up to 16GB of capacity.

MINOX DSC Digital Spy Camera Menu Operation

MINOX DSC Digital spy camera menu is very simple, not many functions can be set. All the common features such as white balance, situational mode setting, exposure compensation setting, set the color style pictures, etc. in the Spy Camera is not visible. That is, power on the Spy Camera, simply align properly to focus on an object you want, and press the shutter to shoot, a very intuitive shooting function.

The left is the LCD screen photography. On the screen it will show the current shooting mode, memory card recording, memory card records and battery life status, quality and also the number of shots remaining. The right is the video; it also shows the current shooting mode, memory card records and battery life status and remaining recording time and so on.

In playback mode, press the shutter button to enter the shooting and playback menus. In the first page of the menu, you can choose larger photo, or four, nine photos rendering at the same time and as well as slide photos mode. However, it is a pity that we can not see the photos on an external display.

Continue to flip the MINOX DSC Digital spy camera menu. In this setting, you can delete the photo or further set the camera.

We can format the memory card or internal memory. We can also set automatically turn off the camera after some times.

It is hard to imagine such a small MINOX DSC spy camera is actually a digital camera. Simple and intuitive operation makes it easy for people to get started. The image quality of such a small camera, such small lens and such convenient shooting functions is acceptable. And such a small camera units, if not look carefully, it is hard to find yourself facing the camera shot.

When digital is widespread in photography, the spy camera of course has evolved with the trend of the times. So MINOX DSC Spy Camera was released.

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