Dell Inspiron 15R, M5010 NoteBook Disassembly Guide. How to Remove Hard Disk Drive, How to Remove Mainboard How to Remove Processor Hey Guys I’m out of time for now, will add audio and text instructions along with other parts of this video soon, 1: First remove the Battery and all the visible screws on the back of the system 2: Remove rubber, then screws under 3: There are 4 clips holding the keyboard, they are located under the F keys, (F1 ,F7, KEY AFTER F12, AND HOME KEY )With a fine flat screwdriver gently push back the clips and raise the keyboard up, NOTE: there is an adhesive tape under the left side of the keyboard which is tightly holding it in place, raise the right side and try to pry it off with a prying tool, look at the video to see the location of the tape. 4: Remove the 5 screws which is holding the top cover and Disconnect the cables…mouse, usb, video…etc… Take Top cover off. 5: Remove Hard Disk. 6: Locate the 2 screws holding the Mainboard and remove then, ensure all cables are Disconnected and Remember to push the clip holding the MoBo in place. Remove the Mainboard. 7: Remove the Heatsink from the CPU, Unlock the Socket and Remove the Processor For all those people struggling to get their HD out, hope it helps, Will add move details soon. That’s all the time I have for now,
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