the internal pressure caused a sharp increase in battery explosion

how to safely use the cell phone lithium battery
Internal lithium-ion cell phone lithium battery charge and discharge process in the negative ? positive ? positive state of motion, due to strong activity of lithium itself, so the charge and discharge process may have accumulated in the positive and negative, in the event of accumulation, it will have lithium dendrites (one of the main types of

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crystal growth), pierce dendrites may insulation, resulting in micro short circuit, short circuit caused a lot of heat generated inside the battery electrolyte, insulation materials, local gasification, resulting in increased pressure within the battery , and when the pressure increases to a certain degree of strength of the shell will explode when you can not afford.

This shows that the charging of lithium-ion battery will explode, especially lithium-ion battery for more than 5 magnification easily explode. In the small current charge, the reaction rate slower than the combination, accumulation of lithium atoms will not form, so relatively safe. In the formation of lithium atoms over flow faster, thus giving the accumulation of lithium atoms, resulting in short-circuit the battery internal resistance,release a lot of heat, so that a large number of electrolyte decomposition gases, the internal pressure caused a sharp increase in battery explosion.


In addition, the cell phone lithium battery overheating (150 ? or more) will explode.

Because of lithium cobalt oxide and graphite in the sub-atomic state is the existence of conditions in the heating greatly increased its activity in more than 150 ? above greatly reduced the role of lithium, the lithium electrons and lithium nuclei very close, close to or reach lithium atomic state, the lithium atoms can react with the electrolyte, causing the battery to explode.

1. As far as possible use the original charger. Battery both work, materials, safety and other areas in full accordance with international electrical safety standards of manufacturing, the basic battery safety can be guaranteed, while the fake is not only less battery over-current protection device, overcharge protection circuit and temperature sensor, easy to cause an explosion . Although compatible charger can also be used, but some failed because of electrical properties, will damage the battery.
2. Do not place the battery in high temperature under high temperature will cause the battery to increase the heat, then easily explode. Therefore, charge the battery or place the phone with the battery, be sure to choose a place away from heat, but also to avoid direct sunlight during the summer.

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