BenQ DC C850 Digital Camera

Photography lovers always look out for better and improved ways of capturing the images. The always hunt for better technological gadgets that can make their photography experience a better one.

BenQ DC C850 Digital Camera is a fantastic addition made to the list of cameras models that has given a tough competition to the other camera brands. The camera is made up of plastic and is thus assured to be light in weight that makes it easily portable. The overall build quality is great and thus the camera is free from all sorts of embarrassing creaks when squeezed. Featuring a fantastic measurement of 93.4 x 62.2 x 33 mm, this camera model is slightly larger than C1050 but is not at all heavy or bulky. Its weighs 190g that includes two standard alkaline batteries due to which it is easy to be carried in a coat’s pocket without making it look bulgy or big.

The topmost benefit of operating this kit is that it offers a perfect handgrip on the right which further holds the batteries and memory card at place.

The camera model has got to feature a comfortable textured vinyl surface that extends around to the back of its body, and thus makes the camera look quite comfortable and pleasant to take a grip on. Its easy and simple operation has helped it to gain huge accolades from the photography freaks.

The back panel of this Benq digital camera has a round shape and gives immense support to the users.This camera model has a larger monitor screen along with different button positions but the grip is simple and easy to take hold on. Its simple to use advanced technology, exclusive features and superfluous performance have made this camera to stand leaps and bounds ahead of other similar camera models.

Its control layout is set very simple and straightforward featuring just four buttons, along with a square D-pad and a rocker switch zoom control. It has got a silver-on-silver indented labels that enables to see the buttons even in dark. Thus, all these factors make it a sound possession for camera lovers which ensure to renovate their photographing experience. Benq digital camera price is also set quite reasonable which makes it easy for one to decide over its possession. It is the best kit that one could ever think of buying.

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