APC UPS Battery Replacement: RBC32 and RBC33

www.asAPCBattery.com Shows you how to uninstall and reinstall the batteries in APC UPS Units NS800, NS900, NS1000, NS1200, NS1500 APC BACK-UPS 800 (MODEL NUMBERS BR800 , BR800BLK, BR800-FR, BR800I, BR800-IN, RS800, XS800) APC BACK-UPS 900 (MODEL NUMBERS BR900 , BX900, BX900-CN, BX900R, RS900, XS900) APC BACK-UPS 1000 (MODEL NUMBERS BR1000 , BR1000G, BR1000I, BR1000-IN, BR1000-FR, BR1000TW, BX1000, BX1000-PCN, RS1000, XS1000) APC BACK-UPS 1200 (MODEL NUMBERS BR1200 , BX1200, BX1200-CN, RS1200, XS1200) APC BACK-UPS 1300 (MODEL NUMBERS BX1300LCD, RS1300) APC BACK-UPS 1500 (MODEL NUMBERS BR1500 , BR1500I, BR1500-IN, BR1500-FR, BR1500LCD, BX1500, BX1500BP, BX1500-PCN, RS1500, XS1500) APC SMART-UPS 1000 (MODEL NUMBERS SC1000 , BR1000I, BR100-IN, BR1000-FR, BR1000TW, BX1000, BX1000-PCN, RS1000, XS1000) VS800, VS900, VS1000, VS1200, VS1500 Also Check out our APC Battery BLOG: apc-ups-battery.blogspot.com

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