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Laptop Battery

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This MacBook is so screwed up though.

1) The power management system is completely broken. It think there’s no battery in the computer, so when you take it off of wall power it shuts off instantly
2) One of the hinges holding the screen on sheered off when I kicked it on the floor by accident, so the screen doesn’t stay put. This is the second laptop I’ve done that to
3) There’s some cooling issue, so it will always run really hot.
4) Like all first gen MacBooks, it has a cracked topcase where the lid hit the plastic

It’s like an old Volvo. It still works, mainly, but there’s loads of stuff broken on it.

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Laptop Battery

Image by RodBegbie
My olde, busted-up, nicked-from-three-jobs-ago laptop. Now barely-functional (the powercord doesn’t quite stay in, the battery lasts about 4 seconds, and the lid hinges won’t keep the screen open), but I wanted to document its coverage before I bin it.

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Laptop Battery

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