Battery for Samsung Galaxy

The strife in the smart phone retail is getting intense day by day. These phones are good in both its looks and performance. Both the Smart phones Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 are good with its features but obviously S2 is better than S for its feature. It has more enhanced more user friendly features akin to it. There are aspects wide in range to this model that are important along with the features as well.

There is something or the other the user gets to suffer with. As the smart phones are just aw-inspiring with its features the phone lasts for a day with its battery. But Samsung comes up with a solution to this problem and offers 1650mAh battery along with its smart phones. The battery is of lithium ion specifications and does not suffer any ill effects when kept from being charged. The smart phone offers 610 hours of standby for 3G and 8hours of actual talk time.

So that is about 2 days of usage without charging. But for the first day the scenario can be different as you will be browsing all the features.

The Samsung lithium ion batteries are made just to deliver you satisfaction and a long lasting battery life. Not just Samsung there are other manufacturers that are manufacturing compatible batteries.

Battery is of excellent quality and this feature of the battery sets it apart from other smart phone that become dead on 3G availability. But nevertheless battery power depends on the network protocols set by the operator. The signal, if the operator keeps setting the signal from time to time its life will be affected.

Besides you can try some tricks out that will improve you Galaxies life.

There are battery for samsung galaxy s available with increasing longevity, lithium ion in technology with 1500mAh, 1650mAh and 1800mAh. The batteries are equipped with microchips that enhance their longevity even more. The microchip is enabled to prevent overcharging of the battery. The battery is light in weight also helps in reducing the weight of the handset overall. This makes that handset all the more handy to carry.

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