Get comfortable, this one is a bit long, but the technology is revolutionary! NVIDIA Optimus technology brings seamless graphics switching to notebooks, allowing for hassle free use of discrete graphics when you need them, along with all the battery saving benefits of a ULV (ultra low voltage) based system. Optimus works by physically providing or cutting off power to the video card in a system. The software can automatically detect what programs or applications will need to use discrete graphics and adjust completely by itself. The best part is, no user interference is required. There are no buttons to push, switches to flick or settings to adjust. The change is simple and flawless. All of this is packed inside a very sleek and professional Asus UL50VF notebook which combines portability, performance, style, and an incredible warranty; the perfect compliment to debut NVIDIA Optimus. To learn more about NVIDIA Optimus follow the link, and check out the Optimus White paper for in depth technical documentation

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