Enterprise security gateway

Along with the development of Internet and the enterprise information from Internet, viruses, HP Pavilion DV7-1134 Battery Trojan and hacker attacks has become the biggest threat to enterprise network development, so many companies are deployed security gateway equipment, in order to protect the enterprise information and data. So here is to ZhangHongMing engineers for McAfee security gateway of opinion.

1 .what is the main problem the future security gateway facing?

ZhangHongMing: with the development of the Internet, HP Pavilion DV7-1134 Laptop Battery Web and E-mail has become daily office, information and electronic business activities, these approaches the main ways of the carrier is the best security threats.

E-mail and Web of threat (such as spam, spyware, phishing scams, viruses, trojans, and other threats) destroys network security, reduce the employee’s work efficiency, affect profitability.

In the traditional solutions, the enterprise users to cope with each new threats, deployment of new safety equipment. With the increase of the equipment, equipment management, IT become a big problem of the complexity of the solution, increase gradually, at the same time, energy, equipment cooling, and even more urgent demands space occupied, enterprise users have to face more and more equipment, more and more suppliers, more and more control platform and high cost!

2 security gateway application value and deploy aims?

ZhangHongMing: in large enterprise users, Replacement HP Pavilion DV7-1134 Laptop Battery ,some enterprise adopts the traditional solutions, need many devices provide safety protection, enterprises in the gateway of investment, maintenance and management costs are high, but also some enterprise for market safety equipment cannot satisfy their safety and performance requirements, so the gateway security solutions.

Actually security gateway for enterprise to bring the great value of the Blade Server by McAfee, security gateway, for example, it can not only help large enterprise users to reduce the complexity of the network management, but also can improve the efficiency of management, enhances the enterprise the overall safety protection ability.

For customers,  operation level of Blade Server security gateway McAfee equipment can help operators can establish the “safety management services” (MSSP), such as operators can create spam protection center for its customers, a spam filter function, can also access for operators of enterprise users virus protection and Web URL filter function, improve its competitive advantage, and increase the security service revenue management.

In addition, the Blade Server security gateway McAfee equipment can deploy in operators GPRS, CDMA – 3G wireless Internet 1X or Internet connection, etc, to prevent the exit of Internet threats of wireless Internet users invasion terminal equipment, through the interception of spam, viruses, trojans, etc, which can ensure security threat to the safety of terminal equipment, and can save valuable resources for the operators.

3 .what defense security gateway products can realize?

ZhangHongMing: security gateway products can be deployed in data link directly by powerful detection and prevention function effectively resist and various virus, virus, spam emails, and the harm of the network information data content filtering, and can realize the URL filter function, it can use transparent Bridges and agent model deployment.

As the change of demand, the user can at any time according to need enable the corresponding function: first, can enable is an E-mail security, anti-spam and malicious software removal and E-mail content filtering four functions, then will also increase security browsing and URL filter two functions. Ready, users can be deployed to all the applications in a blade system, or will they distributed to multiple blade system.

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