What’s in your bag?
Notebook Batteries

Image by Paul Jerry
Finally decided to do one of these.

What’s missing:
- The Nikon D80 used to take this picture. It usually accompanies this bag, but in it’s own Crumpler 4 Million Dollar Home.
- Client files. Usually I carry them around in this bag as well. (They’re not too thick.)

What’s needed: I need a good multitool. Torn between a Leatherman, a SOG, or another Victorinox. Any suggestions?

Notebook Batteries

Image by 1541
not included: current book and small camera tripod

Bag contents 7/7/10
Notebook Batteries

Image by Rojoleon
Things to do while cleaning out your bag: inventory, get all those tiny pieces of paper out, wipe down the inside with cleaning solution.

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